Bear Creek Spire Exit

The next day dawned bright and clear, and we spent most of the morning fishing for large trout meandering among the large submerged rocks of Brown Bear Lake. Reluctantly packing up for the climb out, we made it up to our knapsack pass in the shadow of Bear Creek Spire which looked tantalizingly close. Once again the skies began to darken, and we decided it would be a good idea not to linger on the crest.

Lake Italy and the view to the west

Descending on the east from Cox Col (13,040 ft)

Once down the chute on the eastern side, the impending storm didn't really materialize, and we enjoyed a pleasant hike out to the car at the Mosquito Flat trailhead. Typical of these late season trips (second week of September), once off the Mono Pass trail, we had the entire area to ourselves.

Lake Italy Loop Trip

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