Echo Lake

Upper and Lower Echo Lake

My family first came to Echo in the early 1920s when my grandparents used to drive to the Tahoe area from Oakland to camp in the summer. Upon learning that the Forest Service was opening up the area for summer cabins, they picked out a lot on Upper Echo and built tent platforms for their huge heavy canvas tents. The following year (1923) the cabin was constructed using lumber towed up the lake behind a rowboat powered by a 1 hp handcrank outboard. At the time, we were the second family to build a cabin on Echo. There were four other families who all decided on lots in the same vicinity on Upper Echo which became the North Shore tract (upper right of photo below).


This location seemed ideal because of more lakeshore space,wonderful views, water availability and wind protection. Although our cabin has grown in size over the years, the beautiful environment has changed very little. Due to the fortunate happenstance of access only by boat or trail and the efforts of cabinowners in cooperation with the Forest Service, Echo remainns a Sierra treasure for everyone to enjoy. It is also one of the major gateways to the Desolation Valley Wilderness Area which although heavily travelled is still one of the highlight areas of the range.

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