Mt. Whitney Day Trips Part 2
Mt. Whitney A Different Way: For the more extreme day hikers in the crowd, you might want to consider this route to the top of Whitney. For those who enjoy the stark beauty of above timberline landscapes, this roundabout route recently done by my brother provides some good looks at the high country south and south west of the highest peak in the continental US. Hiking up to Meysan Lake, he then reached the broad plateau southest of 13,850-ft Mt. Mallory via the chute that is south of the peak's east ridge and went on to the summit. From there, he contoured above Sky Blue Lake and crossed between Mt. McAdie and Mt. Newcomb (Crabtree Pass). setting his sights on Whitney, he passed southeast of Discovery Pinnacle and then hit the Whitney trail to the top. Needless to say, this route was a late season project and good for some serious cross country mileage for someone like Don who is always looking for a new challenge.

Of course there are a host of other day hikes/climbs that are not just for the technical climber such as Lone Pine Peak from Meysan Creek, Whitney via the Mountaineers route, and Mt. Russell via the classic class 3 east ridge from the Russell-Carillon Pass. Despite the high traffic on the most popular trails and route, for those who want to get up early and climb high, this wonderful area offers many possibilities for the creative and well-conditioned day hiker.

Meysan Lake and the east face of Mount Irvine.
Looking east towards the valley and Meysan Lake below from the crest south east of Mallory
The view west from the summit of Mount Mallory
Sky Blue Lake
View toward Mt. Whitney from Mt. Mallory
Unnamed Lake above Sky Blue Lake. Mt. Langley is in the background.
Familiar view of Hitchcock Lakes from Whitney Trail
Looking north toward Mt. Russell and beyond to. Mt. Williamson.
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